Affirmation to Manifestation Adventure


Join me for a FUN, FUNNY, and EMPOWERING 2-hour event.

Your words are your thoughts…
that will become things the soonest!

The words you choose are drawn from an infinite number of combinations, of the 60,000 thoughts you think each day. They’re a powerful indicator of what you’re thinking, believing, and soon to be receiving. By being observant and intentional about what you speak, you can create choice combinations, known as affirmations, that will not only negate lack and limitations, but inspire hope and instill traction as you move to install beliefs of possibility and expectation. You were born to thrive. What you speak about, you bring about. Let me help you.

You’ll learn how to:
  • Build your own, customized, “Master Affirmation” for a total life-makeover.
  • Craft powerful affirmations on the fly to bring more of anything into your life.
  • Blend creative visualization, meditation, and acts of faith with your affirmations.
  • Transform ordinary wishes into POWER AFFIRMATIONS by adding just a few words.
  • Add humor to this spiritual practice for levity, inspiration, and to get others on board.
  • Catch hidden negativity within common phrases and replace them with positivity.
  • Remain enthused and believing when facing the exact opposite of what you want.
  • Plus, loads of UNIQUE and INSPIRING AFFIRMATIONS will be shared!
You’ll want to bring:
  • Something to write with, and on - like pens, colored pencils or paints, a notebook.
  • A creative and open mind and heart.

Price: $49.95


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