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Jambo Fellow Adventurer -

Sometimes life’s circumstances seem to be a crazy whirl, until the dust settles, and voila, the perfection is evident.

This is how I met Sara Landon and The Council in late 2019. Sara channels The Council, a collective of ascended masters with the grandest perspective on the human experience I’ve ever encountered. It was at the tail end of several crazy travel months, between Australia, New Zealand, southern California and Mexico.

Little could have prepared me for how my life and understandings would suddenly be propelled into new realms by the hours of conversation that would follow. The Council answered my deepest questions concerning all-things-life-and-death, effortlessly and brilliantly. From the very first chat, I’ve wanted to share the experience with others, and so have they.

That time has now come and you're invited. To be entertained. To be enthralled. To play. Your questions for The Council, submitted here in advance or during the live broadcast, may even become part of the conversation!

Yours in the adventure,

P.S. At every turn, The Council will be asked for integrative exercises so that attendees can learn how to immediately apply the wisdom shared to live happier lives.

This free 90-minute channeled workshop will unfold spontaneously with a handful of my own carefully prepared questions, such as:

  • Was there really a “fall from grace”?
  • “Where” are you in relation to Seth, Abraham, and Ramtha?*
  • Are there other planetary beings physically among us, as well?
  • Please explain the world’s countless ancient ruins?
  • What does “enlightenment” really mean?
  • To what degree can we transcend life’s illusions without destroying the fabric of our adventure?
  • What steps can be taken to live with more miracles?
  • Can anyone channel their highest wisdom, like Sara?
  • How else can we learn to tune into higher guidance?
  • What are your TOP 3 tips for us all, today?
  • Please share on realities beyond time and space?

* Other renowned metaphysical teachers who are channeled.

“You are creators of your reality. You have many more levels of creation to explore and to expand into and to experience. You move into these higher levels of consciousness and more becomes available to you. It gets easier, it gets lighter, it gets better, it flows. There’s more magic. There’s more miracles. There’s more fun. There’s more play. And there’s no end to creation. There is no end to creating the reality that you want to experience for you at the highest level.”

- The Council, channeled by Sara Landon

Who Is The Council?

“It is your human mind that always wants to label things so they can go in a particular box so you have it figured out.  Yet your human mind could never possibly understand fully what we are.”  The Council, channeled by Sara Landon

This is a relatively common question.  While any description that can be understood by the human mind is tremendously limited, the brief answer is: The Council is a collective of ascended master beings with a higher level of consciousness and a grander perspective of the human experience.

Originally summoned by Sara Landon’s asking to know her true purpose, they came forth over time as she allowed a greater connection with non-physical energy through a series of meaningful life events.  Now The Council’s profound wisdom is expressed readily, as she simply relaxes and allows their perspective to flow through her.

Since first appearing in written and spoken words, their messages have expanded in response to the asking of a much larger group. Their powerful teachings continually become richer and deeper as the collective listening audience experiences life and desires more.

The Council is here to remind us of our own wisdom, which we never intended to forget.

“We are a collective of ascended master beings that have been in the human experience—because you’re in it. We have been there. We know. But we are also in a grander perspective and a higher state of consciousness. Think about it as a multidimensional aspect of you that is the future version of you, although it’s not future the way you think of it.”

We are not separate from you, which is why we are always available to you. We are always with you and always available to you. You just finally looked up and saw that we were there.” The Council, channeled by Sara Landon


“I learned about Sara and The Council and felt an immediate connection to The Council’s teachings. It was the wisdom I had been searching for my whole life.” 


“If you have ever felt like there has to be ‘more’ to your life but haven’t quite been able to pinpoint what that means or how to find it, I encourage you to follow The Council.”


“You cannot be in The Council or Sara’s ‘presence’ and not feel completely loved and supported.  And that is a gift beyond measure.”  



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