This program features 12 talks that I presented to LIVE audiences. It contains over 14 hours of LIVE material!

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Life


As I teach to audiences around the world, the cornerstone of creating major life changes is first understanding the truth about who we are, how we got here, and the mechanics of manifestation. If there is a hole or gap in our understanding, whether or not we are aware of the omission, we become ineffective and our power is diminished.

The truth is simple: We are creators for whom all things are possible, and we create through the focus of our thoughts and the actions we take. Yet there are tangent issues, very relevant nuances, that if not addressed or understood can sabotage our progress and keep us stuck in circumstances we seem to have no control over.

My desire to address these tangents and nuances culminated in the launch of a 12-event “Safari Series.” This allowed me to freely choose topics each month and address concepts that would otherwise never fit into “The Five Steps… to XYZ!”

These events were open to the public and audience sizes varied from 100 – 300 people. This audio program is the verbatim, LIVE recording of those events.

It delves into my most personal insights, touching on everything from metaphysics to the existence of Atlantis and UFOs, giving you my interpretation of "all things time and space."

Through these talks, I explore the mysteries and magic of our reality while sharing tips on mastering the “game of life.”

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Here’s what you’ll learn

12 talks presented to LIVE audiences (over 14 hours of empowerment!)

A Wrinkle in Time

What will our world look like 50 years from now? Learn what the prophecy makers saw, the biggest hurdle before us, and what the “evolution of consciousness” really means.

The Ultimate End Result

Learn how to uncover joy in the moment while at the same time bringing about change in your life, by focusing on the ultimate end result: happiness.

Religion, Secret Societies, and the Truth

Mike shares his unique view on how and why time and space began; along with the noble intents of religion and secret societies (both their importance and their failings).

Infinite Possibilities

Learn how Mike’s NY Times bestselling book, Infinite Possibilities, came to be over a 20-year span, along with its important messages: how to use your imagination, make sense of your emotions, and trust your instincts.

Dancing Life's Dance

What if your turn in time and space were nearing an end? Mike shares the implications of such an epiphany, how your life today would change, and other unexpected revelations.

What's Real? What Matters?

Have you ever lost sleep over an injustice or grimaced at the thought of someone getting away with immoral behavior? Mike shares why there needn't be anything that robs you of your power (or sleep).

Ancient Civilizations

Learn about the existence and demise of Atlantis, Lemuria, Greek, Roman, Mayan, Egyptian, and other ancient civilizations. Who were they? Why did they fail? And what do these answers mean for our own civilization?

Thoughts Become Things

Listen to the complete audio soundtrack of Mike’s first feature film: Thoughts Become Things. It’s filled with stories and exercises about the greatest principle ever discovered by the human race.

Natural Disasters

Life doesn’t happen to us; we happen to life. Learn how we can deliberately change our collective future and individually harness the unseen forces of the Universe to manifest money, love, and adventure.

Reincarnation: The Eternal Adventure of Consciousness

Have you been here before? Will you return? What is déjà vu? How and why did you choose this life? This talk explores our biggest questions about life, death, and what may lie beyond.

Abundance: 21 Steps to Opening the Floodgates

Mike blasts to pieces the limiting beliefs that have historically held people back from amassing wealth. Learn the mechanics involved in creating abundance, including what we must do vs what we must delegate to life's magic.

Questions & Answers

Mike answers audience members' most vexing questions in this final talk: “How do we know what our purpose is?” "Are there aliens among us?" "How can we make the biggest difference with our lives?" And more!


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