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In this virtual event, I'll share how me and my trainers are “reaching those who haven’t been reached” by teaching about life’s magic and our power. I’ll also share how the Infinite Possibilities Certification Program got its unexpected start, who we help, and how you can get involved. I'll be joined by Regena Garrepy, the Infinite Possibilities Training Director; Norberto Perez, who has worked as a program coordinator in correctional institutions for over 30 years; and Rebecca Psigoda & Alaina McMurtry, two Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainers who have coached and mentored thousands of people since becoming certified.


Meet the Guests

Mike Dooley is a New York Times best-selling author and writer of “Notes from the Universe” with over 1,000,000 daily subscribers. His books have been published in 27 languages, he was featured in The Secret, and he’s presented workshops to audiences in 156 cities, 42 countries, on 6 continents. In 2011, he created the Infinite Possibilities Certification Program, which was developed in the Orange County Corrections Department and is catered to “reaching those who have not yet been reached.” Trainers learn how to curate content, find audiences, launch an online presence, and hone their own material, many of whom have become professional speakers and life coaches in their own right.

Regena Garrepy is the Infinite Possibilities Training Director. She has built a successful business working professionally as a speaker, personal leadership coach, and retreat facilitator for the past decade. She mentors coaches and entrepreneurs, as well as empowers women to reclaim lost pieces of themselves to feel courageous and confident in expressing their essence. She has taught the Infinite Possibilities material online and infuses the concepts into her mentoring.

Norberto Perez has been working in the field of addictions for over 30 years in correctional institutions. He developed the Choices intensive substance abuse education program, and he coordinated the Armed Forces Program for Incarcerated Veterans. He has two national certifications from the National Association of Forensic Counselors. He’s also a Certified Addictions Counselor from the FL Certification Board of Addictions professionals.

Rebecca Psigoda became an Infinite Possibilities Certified Trainer in 2012. In response to a request from the Homeless Families Foundation in 2015, she created a derivative of the IP Program for youth called, “Infinite Possibilities I Believe in ME,” which is now in the hands of teachers, counselors, and trainers all over the world. Rebecca created an additional derivative in 2022, “Infinite Possibilities for the Well-Traveled Soul,” for seniors, dementia/Alzheimer’s patients, and those recovering from serious illnesses and injuries.  Both programs are available to all Certified IP Trainers.

Alaina McMurtry is a dynamic corporate trainer by day, helping leaders overcome imposter syndrome. By night, she coaches divorced black women to powerfully create the lives of their dreams. As a divorced mother of four black sons, she is dedicated to teaching them their power in a world that's afraid of them. In 2019, Alaina published her children’s book, "Am I Black on the Inside?", which she wrote for her sons. How amazing would our children's lives be if they understood their power in their youth? Most recently, she has taken her keynote presentation, "You are Good Enough," globally, sharing her heart, and her unique journey to confidence. Alaina is passionately and quietly changing the world. 

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