Learn about reincarnation, the art of exploring your past lives, and how to find clues in your present life about: who you were, when and where you lived, and your purpose in this lifetime.

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You have lived many lives!

With a skilled past life regressionist you can uncover prior lessons, gifts, and aspirations carried into this lifetime from previous incarnations. Marije Terluin has been trained and certified in the techniques of legendary mystic Dolores Cannon to help people connect with their higher-selves to reveal intriguing and often mind-blowing facts from their past lives. During this FREE EVENT you'll learn about your own multidimensional nature and how you can draw upon past life lessons and gifts to enrich your life today.

Here are some of the questions I'll be asking:

(Psst… I already know a few of the answers and they are crazy-cool!)

  • βœ“ Were you always a believer in reincarnation?
  • βœ“ How and why did you get started as a past life regressionist?
  • βœ“ Do you ever tap into the future lives of clients or yourself?
  • βœ“ Do Atlantian or other-planetary lives ever show up?
  • βœ“ Are there often recurring themes, lessons, or adventures?
  • βœ“ Found any insights into what’s happening on Earth, lately?
  • βœ“ Are large group regressions effective in discovering our pasts?
  • βœ“ How do we know we’re not just making up our regression?
  • βœ“ What are spontaneous past life regressions?
  • βœ“ How can past life regressions help people heal?
  • βœ“ Are there often instances when families reincarnate together?
  • βœ“ Plus, you’ll get to ask your questions too!

I can promise you a truly mesmerizing event!