Manifesting Change

Do you ever wonder who you are? How you got here? Why you chose this adventure? And how to make the most of your time in space? This movie answers those questions, revealing life's most sacred truths.

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Jambo Fellow Adventurer,

I couldn't be happier or more pleased to announce the completion of Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier. This material was the basis of my second world tour and was shared with over 10,000 people, on 6 continents, in over 50 cities.

Manifesting Change explains the mechanics behind every manifestation and how you fit into the equation of reality creation. It tells you how to take action on your dreams without "messing with the cursed hows," and it explains why you are here, who you really are, and all that you deserve.

It also includes exercises, stories, and analogies designed to make comprehension and application even easier, and it reveals my extraordinarily unique and wildly received "Matrix," which shows the flow of events that will automatically trigger changes in your life based upon your thoughts, words, and actions. I guarantee you will hear things you have never heard from others, ever before.

Your great admirer,

Here’s what you’ll learn

How your "thoughts become things" and why the law of attraction works.

Your role as the “creator” of your life.

How to tap into your extraordinary uniqueness.

How to visualize your life with emotion, clarity, and power.

How to change any aspect of the love, joy, health, and abundance you experience.

Tips, tricks, and tools to accelerate the manifestation process and usher change into your life.

By the end, you will be utterly convinced of your power, your worth, and the fantastic ease of commanding forces in the unseen that eagerly yearn to do your bidding.

The practical exercises shared in this DVD require less than 5 minutes a day and can be put to use immediately, yielding fantastic results in every area of your life. You'll see, perhaps like never before, life's greatest truths, your unlimited power, and the vast potential that exists for you to begin immediately manifesting the changes you most wish to experience in your life.



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Normally $15, now stream it for a price you choose!

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