This program was the basis of my second world tour, shared LIVE with over 10,000 people, on 6 continents, in over 50 cities.

Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier

CDs Normally $80, now only $19!

This program will take you behind the curtains of TIME and SPACE, revealing who you really are, how you got here, and why you chose this adventure.

Manifesting Change encompasses the actual mechanics of manifestation, metaphysically and physically. You'll see, perhaps like never before, life's greatest truths, your unlimited power, and the vast potential that exists for you to begin manifesting the changes you most wish to experience in your life.

From theory to application, you'll learn the true ease and profound simplicity of hoisting up your sails so that they can be filled with the unfailing winds of the Universe in a journey you will chart.

Like the daily "Notes from the Universe," this material is designed to slip past your defenses, into your heart, and plant seeds that will blossom into understanding, action, and life changes. It will help you understand what your heart longs for and how to approach it, while propelling you forward with supreme confidence.

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P.S. This program was the basis of my second world tour, shared LIVE with over 10,000 people, on 6 continents, in over 50 cities!

Praise for Manifesting Change

"Finally, something completely new and masterful on the use of thoughts to create a better life."

author of The 12 Conditions of a Miracle

"Having been a fan of the ‘big boys’—Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, et al.—I came away with the realization that Dooley is the most literate and professorial of them all."

Los Angeles Entertainment Today


"What Mike has to say about employment and money is particularly apt in our nation’s current state."


Here’s what you’ll learn

10 hours of material!
  • How your thoughts become things and why the law of attraction works.
  • Your role as the creator of your life.
  • How to tap into your extraordinary uniqueness.
  • How to visualize your life with emotion, clarity, and power.
  • How to change any aspect of the love, joy, health, and abundance you experience.
  • Tips, tricks, and tools to accelerate the manifestation process and usher change into your life.
  • By the end, you will be utterly convinced of your power, your worth, and the fantastic ease of commanding forces in the unseen that eagerly yearn to do your bidding.


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CDs Normally $80, now only $19!

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