An Adventure into Higher Wisdom

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Learn how to be a channel for infinite intelligence.

Mike Dooley

New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and life adventurer

The Art of Channeling is an exciting and expansive opportunity to discover how you, yes you, can access higher wisdom and receive guidance from your soul, spirit, guides, and soul team!

In this course, globally-celebrated channel of The Council, Sara Landon, will joyfully guide you through an experiential process to assist you in opening and developing your own connection to infinite intelligence.

Once you have established your connection to Source energy, a whole new and amazing world may begin to present itself to you, inviting you to discover your unique gifts, abilities, and skills.

You are invited to play in new realms of pure potential where higher wisdom is available to everyone. 

You might just meet your favorite Ascended Master or Archangel, only to realize they have been eagerly waiting to guide you and assist you on this magnificent adventure.

Plus, Sara shares her TOP 15 CHANNELING TIPS that she has discovered over the past many years of channeling The Council. 

Sara Landon

Channel of The Council

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You will learn how to:

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs, fear, lack consciousness, and limitations.
  • Heighten your intuition, get into alignment, and receive more inspiration.
  • Enhance your creativity to write your book, paint, or create new projects.
  • Access your hidden and undiscovered skills, gifts, and abilities.
  • Experience deeper levels of peace, well-being, and expansion.
  • Tap into greater self-awareness that leads to confidence, clarity, and certainty.
  • Cultivate absolute trust in spirit and know that you are always guided.
  • Raise your vibration and consciousness in any moment.
  • Transform your life to literally live in your own Heaven on Earth.
  • Plus, you’ll gain tools to quiet your mind and tap into the field of infinite intelligence that is always available to you.

These benefits ALL came directly from people who have learned how to channel through Sara Landon’s channeling series.

While I have realized the potential that millions of people around the world will now be able to use The Wisdom of The Council to transform their lives and live their own highest potential, it’s my deepest desire to leave a legacy where all those who are ready will discover their own ability to channel Source and access the grander perspective that is here for us all!

- Sara Landon

Join The Art of Channeling and you’ll receive…






4 Workshops with Mike and Sara

Join me and Sara Landon in conversation, sharing our most valuable lessons and exercises to help you become a channel for infinite intelligence. Each workshop is approximately 90 minutes (45-60 min. lesson, followed by Q&A).

Community is one of the best parts:

One of the most powerful agents of learning is doing it with others of a like mind. During this course there will be opportunities to meet and connect with the other participants in our private Facebook group and in the comments on your dashboard.

You’ll have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course in your dashboard.

You can access the 4 workshop recordings, mp3 audio downloads, and transcripts anytime,
using your smartphone, tablet or computer.



"My journey to channeling (to seeing, hearing, and sensing) the angels opened up in an accident two and half years ago. Ever since, I connect with the angels every day. This channeling course enabled me not only to share my love of the angels with others, but I came to realize that my biggest dream of living a life connected to and sharing my channeling of the angels with the wider public could actually be my reality and come true."

- Sari W.

I would highly recommend this course to others

"Because of your course, I had a breakthrough and connected with another concurrent lifetime in another star system by doing the exercises and practicing the techniques taught in class. This new connection has greatly benefited me, and I am forever grateful! I would highly recommend this course to others."

- John R.


"This was a very privileged opportunity to connect with an enlightened and fun community. The energy that passed between us and the techniques learned from Sara and The Council made this experience so incredibly unique and useful. We are all channelers now! I felt very drawn to join this course and when we ‘met’ the first day, I immediately understood why!"

- Siri A.

About Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a multiple New York Times best-selling author who has presented in 156 cities across 42 countries, speaking on life, dreams and happiness. His free Notes from the Universe inspirational emails are sent to over 1 million people in 182 countries, and don Miguel Ruiz called him “a great messenger of truth; a gift for humanity.”

Mike is the author of 17 books, including Playing the Matrix, Life on Earth, Infinite Possibilities, Leveraging the Universe, and Manifesting Change. He contributed to the groundbreaking film, The Secret, and has been featured in media outlets such as The New York Times, Forbes, Style Magazine, Psychology Today, Buzzfeed, Seventeen, Teen Vogue, and Yoga Digest.


About Sara Landon & The Council

Passionate about living her highest potential, Sara Landon is a guide for leaders, wayshowers, and changemakers contributing to raising the vibration of the planet.  She shines a light on the path for others to expand beyond the perceived limitations of the human experience and live as the masters that they are while remaining grounded in the modern world. 

As the masterful channel of The Council, Sara focuses to be the ultimate student of the wisdom and teachings she receives and is committed to conscious, impeccable creation. Her intention is to be the purest channel of a grander perspective of what is possible and to help others discover that they have the same ability to connect to higher levels of consciousness and guidance. 

Sara holds the vision of living in a fully awakened world where all beings live harmoniously with one another, the planet, the animals, and within themselves. She helps those who are ready to play in new levels of energy reconnect with all that they are so they may live, love, and lead in this time of awakening.  

Allow Sara Landon to guide you to feel complete freedom, be totally satiated in the present moment, and know your purpose! For more information and free resources, please visit: 


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It has been one of
the best experiences

"The channeling course has brought me to a new level of being I had yet to connect with. I didn't have a lot of experience with channeling for myself, and when I did, I was not really quite sure I was truly connecting! The main reason that I wanted to take this course was to form a deeper connection and relationship with my Higher Self. With Sara's wisdom and guidance, I was able to connect with my Higher Self and my Soul Team."

- Deb B.

It truly has been
life changing

"After taking this course and working with Sara, I was able to open up my channel and allow the connection of my own Higher Spirit, Arch Angels, collective consciousnesses and multi dimensional intergalactic beings. I am so thankful to Sara for her Love, integrity and guidance and for creating this course. It truly has been life changing."

- Ryan W.


"Being a part of this channeling course has deepened my relationship to my higher self and my angel guides so very much.  I now feel that I have a personal relationship with them and can access their wisdom at any time.  Sara’s guidance, along with my new community of like-minded seekers, has given me the permission I needed to expand my authentic self and to remember my gifts.  If you feel drawn to participate in this experience, I highly recommend it!”

- Evelyn B.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course starts on Tuesday, August 10th. Registration closes on August 10th at midnight, so register soon to save your spot.

The 4 LIVE workshops will take place at 3 pm ET on:

Tuesday, August 10th - An Introduction to Channeling
Tuesday, August 17th - Messenger of Divine Love
Tuesday, August 24th - Connect with Your Guides and Soul Team
Tuesday, August 31st -Everyday Application: Plus Q&A with The Council

If you’re not able to watch LIVE, don’t worry, the workshops will be recorded and available to watch later at your convenience.

The only difference is in what you pay! In light of these unusual times we're offering 4 payment options: $59, $79, $99 and $129. Please pay what you can afford. Regardless of which price you choose, you'll receive the entire course.

You’ll have lifetime access to the course in your dashboard, so you can take your time and go at your own pace.

If you don’t use Facebook, don’t worry. You won’t miss out! There will be opportunities to connect with fellow participants not only in the Facebook group, but also in the comments on your dashboard.

If you’re serving on the frontlines during the covid-19 pandemic (healthcare workers, teachers, etc.), we invite you to participate in this course for just $19. To receive your discount code, please email proof of your frontline worker status to [email protected].

Of course. If you find it’s not for you, we’ll be happy to issue you a full refund.

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