You never know where or when the Universe will enter your affairs – only that it will. So just pitch your pitches, take your baby steps, enjoy the journey, and prepare to be astounded.

Leveraging the Universe and Engaging the Magic


When it comes to living the life of one's dreams, there are those who think they must go it alone – and they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Then there are those who think it's simply a matter of surrendering to a loving, conspiring Universe so that their life might be transformed by its magic – and they wonder why it hasn't.

The truth is neither are we alone nor is knowing about the Universe and its magic enough to manifest change. The key lies in knowing what one can, should, and must do, versus what one can, should, and must delegate to an all wise and capable Universe.

Leveraging the Universe is about using the gifts of thought, word, and action to harness the grace of the Universe... so that you can begin living the life you’re truly capable of.

Your great admirer,

Praise for Leveraging the Universe

"Mike has been in the trenches with his dreams dashed, and yet he came back. Leveraging the Universe tells how he did it and how anyone can do it."

Marci Shimoff

"Leveraging the Universe challenges listeners to harness the world around them as a force for positive change."


"I listened over and over and Leveraging the Universe was a large stepping stone in my spiritual journey. I am truly thankful that it came to me at the proper time when I needed it most. That's how it works!"


Here’s what you’ll learn

  How to do the least to get the most.
  The profound power of thought and how to harness it.
  Super simple, powerful visualization tips.
  How to align your beliefs with the life of your dreams.
  The key to blending logic and magic.
  Happiness and its subtle secret.
  What and what not to delegate to an all loving Universe.


  Get clear and understand what you really want.
  Stop spinning your wheels, get "unstuck," and start flying ahead.
  Create unstoppable momentum.
  Rely less on your physical senses, and more on your inner senses.
  Appreciate the mind-boggling, supernatural gifts you were born with.
  Summon and leverage the colossal powers of the Universe.
  Create a simple plan that harnesses life's magic so it can begin working for you.

Yes! I’m here to thrive!

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