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“Of everyone in this field whom I've followed or listened to, you are the most real, authentic, genuine mentor/teacher/motivator I've ever experienced! I've fallen on and off the path many times over the decades but TUT has kept me focused and it's all working. I'm happy! Which was my end-goal.” - Jim N.

“I love the weekly workshops! They are a high point of my week to keep me positive and reminded of life’s truths! Thanks also for the assignments, they make it feel like a mastermind group. Not just good ideas, but to actually apply them to my life, that’s where it really works!” – Ginger

“Time spent with you, Mike, in this remarkable Infinite Possibilities Community each week is so valuable for incorporating your teachings into my daily life. I find the weekly sessions to be grounding in a time when the world feels so chaotic. Know that what you do is changing the world for the better! So much gratitude to you!” – Pami

The Infinite Possibilities Community is one of my very favorite aspects of my life right now!!

“The weekly workshops are great! I don't always have time to watch live, but it makes me happy to know they are there on demand after the fact. I think it is precisely the right amount of motivation and encouragement, and I especially love that you're sharing your up-to-the-minute breakthroughs and revelations with us. It gives me such a sense of community and love. Thank you! The Infinite Possibilities Community is one of my very favorite aspects of my life right now!!” - Anne-Lise J.

“I look forward to your Dancing Spirit coming through my iMac screen every week, and there are times I even go back and watch/listen/inhale an earlier session to get the parts I missed . . . or that I want to hear again!” – Forrest

“Love, love, love the weekly schedule. It helps with continuity of thought. Truly helps with keeping focused on my magnificence and the desired end result in the midst of things that wish to prove otherwise. You provide hope, expectation of good, and more.” - Carolyn T.

“I absolutely love the weekly videos and assignments… it’s just perfect. Love the visualizations and affirmations which I have been doing for many, many years. But this just keeps me on track. Love all the nuggets of wisdom you share with us.” - Cheryl H.

“Mike, you are rocking it and you are rocking my world!!! I appreciate all the energy you are giving to us.” – Chrys

“These sessions light me up! The weekly workshops help me with focus, affirmations, and realizations... each week!” - Terri

“I love them and look forward to these weekly workshops. They pump me up and I get so energized by them! Thank you, Mike!” - Lois J.

“It keeps me going!!! I love these sessions!!! It makes me stop the insanity of the day and focus on myself and learn different ways to combat stress.” - Carol B.

“I love having these sessions every week!!! I need the reinforcement that you provide on a weekly basis! Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into making our lives better!!” – Gail

Hi Mike, thank God you exist for us. This is a wonderful adventure with you and I feel you do save me from my typical traditional thinking. Thank you. – Linda

Mike, you are one of the mainstays that rock my world!!

“Mike, you are one of the mainstays that rock my world!! Your joy and excitement and profound teachings fill my mind, heart, and soul. Thank you for all that you are and all that you are helping us to become.” - Barbara

Delivered in such a loving, energizing, humorous, engaging, and inspiring way

“I look forward to every Tuesday morning and hearing what you have to share, which is always exceptional... delivered in such a loving, energizing, humorous, engaging, and inspiring way. Thank you.”- Kathy P.

“Mike, thank you for your weekly sessions. I really appreciate your insights and enthusiasm - it certainly helps me every day. Please keep doing what you’re doing it’s amazing!!” - Jill

“I love the energy and excitement you put into these mini workshops!!! I always feel driven when I'm done listening!” - Kim D.

“I LOVE THIS MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY! Your teaching and sharing are monumental and life-changing. Thank you, again, for all you share with us.” - Terri

“Mike, I am so grateful that I found you so many years ago. My journey here in space and time is surely rocking because our virtual paths have crossed. I recognized the resonance and just keep on keeping on… and the magic happens in the most FUN and amazing ways. Whoohoo! Every day is the best day of my life so far! Grateful for you!” – Carolyn Z.

“I love Tuesday's with Mike… it's essential for our growth. As you say, we are in a 1% group that understands this. Being here together, listening to you, and working on these assignments powers us up for when we are out there shining a light for the other 99% of people in the dark. We're changing the world right here.” - Lesley D.

“Thank you, Mike! I LOVE seeing you live every week and I am really enjoying all that you speak of. You always put a smile on my face and there is a lightness that I feel after hearing you. What a true gift you are to the world. Thank you! I can feel a huge shift over these last 6 months! I am taking actions now and am moving forward with those beautiful baby steps!” - Christine P.

“Your passion and dedication are so inspiring, Mike. You’re so right to share your gifts with all those who have come to hear you and need your loving efforts to bring us closer to the enlightenment we are ever reaching for.” - D.Liane O.

“Love the weekly uplifts and shared energy from you Mike. I don't always make the live and appreciate the replays. Your dedication comes through loud and clear. There's nowhere to go except into LOVELAND. Thank you.” - Meline S.

“I started the Infinite Possibilities Membership 3 days ago and I can’t even begin to tell you how my life has changed... these are the first 3 days in my life that I go to sleep dreaming and feeling my dream life, not the stressors of the day or regrets and fear of the future... Thank you forever, Mike.” – Katie L.

The truth always makes me laugh with delight.

“Today was my first call! And I'm so blown away by your clear conviction and articulation of things I know to be true yet struggle to express in my own life. Awhile back I asked for my next round of teachers to appear. Poof! You appear. Reflecting back things I know and forget regularly. I giggled a lot during your call. The truth always makes me laugh with delight. So fun!” - Stephanie

“I’m loving every week. It’s my little boost of inspiration, motivation, and upliftment.
Love your energy and enthusiasm.” – Stephanie

“As always, thank you Mike... These Tuesdays are what have gotten me through the bleakness, reminding me life is joyous, attainable, and fulfilling... Mike, you are adored!!!” - Capri

“Wow the Mini-Manifesting Workshops are getting better and better. There is so much optimism in it... It brings light in my life. Thanks for the inspiring words, Mike!” - Monique

“The best thing I did for myself in this crazy year 2020 was to join Mike and Infinite Possibilities. I see clearly now.  Thank you, Mike! I'm forever grateful!” – Anita

“I needed these words today. I will stay open and keep moving forward however I can, knowing my next incredible story is in production right now. I think this was one of the best talks I've watched. You brought me to tears for the first time. Thank you.” - Kris

“Mike, these workshops lift me high and higher, to feel like I am free to fly! And to be the best I can be.” – Barbara

“This was perfect for today! Thank you, Mike!!” - Dianne

“Amazing! Wow! I am walking on clouds. So inspirational and so much wisdom. Listening to these workshops is so helpful and positive. Very uplifting.” – Florence

“I just joined and became a member. All I can say is WOW.” – Holly

You have had probably the single biggest positive impact on my life.

“You have had probably the single biggest positive impact on my life in terms of seeing my role on earth and in the universe, and my worthiness to have my dreams come true. I still have so much to learn from you, but I thank the Universe for the day I got your book, Choose Them Wisely... 12 years ago. My life has gotten more and more self-actualized each day since. You’re terrific!” - Linda


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